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The only thing you need to know about me is that

I'm a huge Dog Lover

My Story

Hi I’m Ari! Originally from a small town near Barcelona, I arrived here in 2020 with a pawsitive actitud, ready to overcome any challenge and working hard with a clear objective, to have my own dog walking company!


I grew up surrounded by animals and I’ve been a huge dog lover since I was born. Being an only child for eight years, and spending twelve years with my lovely dog, made me understand that they are not just pets, they are our family. So in 2016, when I moved to Barcelona to study Marketing, I started to work as a dog walker with a funny and lovely English Bulldog as my first client.


And since then I’ve been walking all types of dogs. Big, small, different breeds but all the walks had something in common… were full of love and happiness. The objective was always clear, and in January of 2023 it has become a reality!


If you have ever booked any of my services, let me thank you for letting me work in something I love.


Blessed & Dog Obsessed,

Ari xx

 Three year old me with my lovely dog 

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